Superfoods “Oh no, what have we done?”

By Gary Keenan



Since 3000 BC The Spice trade routes have been in operation, countries trading foods between each other, simplistic in nature it worked. Supplying an over abundance of product for a shortfall.
Somewhere in the process greed and marketing took a strangle hold.
Many an article has been written in recent times on the affect of the popularity of Quinoa on the Bolivian and Bulgarian way of life.
Quinoa was a staple food for the people of those countries , I say was, as now the demand from Western countries is so high that the average Bolivian and Bulgarian can no longer afford their precious grain, the price of Quinoa is now more expensive than Chicken in those countries.
The need is so high that traditional farming methods of crop rotation no longer take place causing soil and nutrional damage that eventually will make those lush farming areas devastated, this will cause commercial farmers to move to larger farming areas and as a result more deforestation of the world.
Our want for more and more Superfoods has become a Western addiction with no responsibility to where our next hit comes from and the impact of such hunger it has on its countries origins.
Quinoa is not the only product over history, Cacao, Coffee, Chai seeds and Palm oil all has had just as a horrific impact on developing countries.
Within in our own countries we have depleted and in some cases made extinct so many foods that where growing in their natural environment we now Wildcraft farm them on large scale to meet demand.
I am not trying to make every mouthful of Quinoa you consume be guilt ridden; I think we need to take the time to understand what we eat, where it comes from and the impact on the people of those countries.
There is no quick answer and the whole Superfood debate is very complex, the depth of its impact environmentally, socially and culturally is so debilitating it is beyond the everyday consumer’s comprehension.
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