I HATE PEAS By Gary Keenan

I hate Peas those bright green squishy popping in your mouth like bursting zits things that I just cannot take.

Don’t get me wrong I have given the beggars’ a far chance over the decades I have been enticed many a time  by descriptive recipes that have sounded so wonderful, yet totally destroyed by the addition of Peas.

Why am ranting so much about Peas?

I am starting a movement for Peas to be added to the descriptive lines of all recipes that are now so commonly found.

For example I want to see Al a Penne, gluten free, dairy free, vegan friendly , vegetarian, egg free, sugar free , Paleo friendly, Whole thirty friendly ,nut free, AIP, Keto, grain free, healthy fats, 10 ingredients or less NO PEAS, Pasta with a big dash of boredom.

Why as recipe developers, restaurateurs and foodies do we feel the need to think our audience is so stupid and dumb that we need to entice them with a tag about their medical, dietary or belief/lifestyle system that we have to put in the description of our recipes?

I would rather read a recipe and be captured by its description than to go I can’t eat that because it has Peas in it.

My point is reading the title and sub title of a recipe should be enticing, beautifully descriptive that you need to make it or try it immediately.

Strawberry Cheesecake smothered in homemade dark chocolate sauce served with a  Vanilla bean ice cream with crunchy Caramel pieces, the end. That is all that is needed our readers will then make up their own mind on whether it is appealing to them, and if they can customise the recipe to their liking.

I find nothing more off putting when you start reading a recipe and once past the title, I am bombarded on how friendly or unfriendly the food is going to be before I can make an informed decision on the ingredients.

I am one of the fortunate people who does not have a worry about what my food contains, I suffer no allergies or misconception of my body’s ability to enjoy food to its fullest unless of course has Peas in it, so by the time I have read the description , if I have not fallen asleep with boredom,  I am thinking look another  boring recipe with no flavour.

Everything has its place and if writing a recipe book on food without Peas or Gluten free then fair enough wack it in the title, for that is an audience to be catered for by a book researched entirely for a consumers needs.

So for My First rant of 2017 I leave you with this


Grilled Pesto Chicken with Smokey bacon, and a creamy Garlic Potato Pea hash.

I will just take out the Peas LOL


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