Chorizo,Ham and Onion Quiche

By Gary Keenan

Prep Time 1/2 hour

Cooking time 45 mins

Serves 6


Puff Pasty x 1 sheet

Eggs x 5

Cream x 500ml

Grated Cheese x 150gm

Chorizo sliced 1/2 cup

Onion diced x 1

Ham diced x 1 cup


Place a sheet of puff pastry into Quiche flan rounding off the edges place half the cheese over base and then lay sliced Chorizo , Ham and onion evenly over cheese.

Cover filling with the rest of cheese.

Whisk eggs and cream in bowl and pour mixture over filling.

Place in warm oven at 180 Degrees celcius and cook for about 45 mins.

Test by placing wooden skewer in centre of Quiche if skewer comes out clean Quiche is ready.



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