By 2050 it is predicted that the Earth’s population will reach 9 billion people and the stress this will have supposedly on our food supplies will be immense. Finding answers to our sustainability and our food security is going to be massive, what’s the answer I hear you say?
According to the so called people in the know turning our eating habits to consume bugs.

What the!

Ants, bees, wasps, and grasshoppers to just name a few, they even have a name for it Entomophagy, scientific of course, nothing to appetising there.
Imagine checking out your favourite food web site and coming across Sauté of Crunchy Coach roaches, Gluten free and Entomophagy friendly

No thank-you

Bugs do what they do and mostly it’s annoying, they are meant to be sprayed, squashed and swatted, not eaten. If the person next door to me is a bug eater I apologise in advance, you will probably die a horrible death from the amount of poison I dose the little critters in my backyard with.

I have no doubt bugs play an important role in nature, eating each other, tending to flowers and plants for example , one of the roles and I am sure the bugs will agree is not for human consumption.

Just the thought of crunching into a crispy locust as a green gooey substance trickles down the side of my mouth is just not and can never be an appetising thought.

I doubt I will be around in 2050; it will make me around the 86 year old mark. If I am I want be sitting in a old folks home in my rocking chair slurping on a glass of red and sucking off the greasy fatty rind of my pork chop, not sucking the guts out of a meal worm or gumming a inch – ant to death.

The song we sang as kids “Give Me Worms”

Bite their heads off

Suck their blood out

Throw their skins away

Give me worms; give me worms three times a day.

It was meant to be grotesque up there with fart jokes.

Evolution my friend, Caveman started on roots and shoots moved up to bugs and then one day found a felled Dinosaur threw it on the Barby and we have never looked back.

I am not a scholar or a scientist, the answer to food sustainability seems pretty bloody simple.


 I will be the first person in the line to indulge in great sex it does not mean pop out another little critter that is going to diminish my food supply. It must sound a selfish statement for new or to be new parents but when you seeing the new year of 2050 in, as you tongue flicks out to catch another fly, tell me you not going to look at your kids will a little salvia build up in your mouth.

In my town there is an eating establishment called the Green Ant Cantina, Mexican cuisine mostly. In coming years I can only warn you to check the menu in the window cautiously as by name may mean the type of cuisine being served.

Imagine walking into a bar and ordering a grasshopper cocktail only to be fronted with a wide rimed glass filled with lettuce and six fresh grasshoppers hanging off the side, delicately covered with bull ant cocktail sauce.

I shudder at the thought.

As you are reading this I am sure your thoughts at this stage are this is the ramblings of a Nutter.  I don’t blame you unless you were as unlucky as I was to come across a similar article a little more serious of course, why wouldn’t one disbelieve. It has to be fictional, right.

There are Chefs, famous chefs that are producing recipes with all kinds of creepy crawly’s; David George Gordon, known as the Bug Chef, is author of the many of these including

Eat a Bug Cookbook

40 Ways to Cook Crickets, Grasshoppers, Ants, Water Bugs, Spiders, Centipedes and Their Kin.

Time magazine published an article on the subject
20 Delicious Bug Recipes from Chefs by Mandy Oaklander
Here is just a few of the recipes

Chef Aaron Sanchez’s Grasshopper ‘Bacon’ Bits
Chef Gordon’s Deep-Fried Tarantulas
Chef Rick Bayless’ Worm-Salt Margarita
Meghan Curry’s Critter Fritters
Check the link at the end of the article to see more delicious recipes. lol

When it comes to food, each to their own.  I don’t like peas, never have never will, I don’t hold a grudge against pea eaters, I just don’t get it. The same goes for bug eaters as extraordinarily disgusting, foul and freighting the concept is.

I say bug-ger off eat as many of those little squishy things you want, it’s just another portion of good food left for me.

20 Delicious Bug Recipes from Chefs


Image Chef Gordon’s Deep-Fried Tarantula

By Chugrad McAndrews for The Eat-a-Bug Cookbook, published by Ten Speed Press

Image Chef Hugo Ortega’s Mescal Worm Tacos
By Debora Smail











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