Stop with all the Jars “Already”

By Gary Keenan

I often wonder who starts food fads. Is there some collective world foodie group that meets in a dark room chuckling over their latest idea? Coming up with such ridiculous ideas and waiting to see us Punters fall for it. I can imagine that in a cynical kind of way it could be very rewarding.
This brings me to Jars, at first I could see the novelty value in the idea, chucking in a thick detox smoothie helped make those ugly thick green looking drinks some what more pleasing to the eye


Unless you are some kind of NCIS build a boat in the cellar kind of guy I cannot see the need to consume anything from a jar unless it’s a condiment. A chunky jar with a massive handle on it, stuffed with every ingredient you pop into a smoothie finished off with mandatory sprig of Mint or Coriander and two designer straws protruding from the rim, if you are going to use straws then what does the jar add to the feel, taste of the smoothie, if its ascetics your after then it’s a big fail.
I am tolerant human being and see the fun in most new things associated with food, as usually the ridiculous ones fade after a little time, so I was happy to run with the jar for a little time, as long as one didn’t enter my kitchen. Then the most horrific culinary murder occurred people started putting salads into jars what’s next?

Stop I say, stop this ridiculous movement now.
Jars are for preserving , looking after the excess of our home grown Tomatoes we have meticulously cared for all summer and that will add the magnificent flavours to our winter dishes to inspire us to grow more next season.
I am currently having jar nightmares.
Christmas day where Mum leaves the kitchen for the first time in days, slaving over the perfect Christmas lunch, she enters the dinning ladened up like a waitress from the local Bier Haus carrying handfuls of large chunky jars slamming them down on the table. I peer into the thick glass to see layered slices of Ham, Turkey, Pork and slow roasted vegetables, and a garnish of a thin sliver of Pork crackling precariously balanced on the rim topped with some homemade apple sauce.
Wake up; wake up before it’s too late.
Imagine a romantic dinner date, you and your partner, out to impress you order a bottle of Perrier Jouet Vintage Champagne, bang onto the table two massive Jars, with straws.The waiter proceeds to empty the entire contents of the bottle into the jars. You wish you had kept you Gym membership up as you struggle to lift the monstrosity; you give up, peering over the giant towers saying cheers through a clenched smile.
It s time to stop this silliness .
If you a serious Foodie join me in the anti Jar movement before it’s too late.




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